I specialize in the restoration of plastic wood grain steering wheels that are about 50 years old.  While many of the steering wheels shown are Mopar steering wheels, I restore all simulated wood grain steering wheel rims that originally had a wood grain effect which could be seen and felt that was molded into the steering wheel rim.  These steering wheels would have been installed in such cars, other than Mopar cars, like Mustangs, Chevelles, GTOs, AMCs and many others.


Basically, the restoration of one of these wheels involves filling and repairing any splits with high strength epoxy, filling the repairs with a colorized catalyzed filler, sanding the steering wheel rim to the correct size and shape, cutting the wood grain back into the surface of the rim and applying various stains to the steering wheel rim as the coats of finish are applied to arrive at a proper wood tone color, adding depth, to the wheels appearance.  A clear, satin sheen, heat and moisture resistant, UV stabilized top coat finish is used. 


Examples of the usual defects these steering wheels have are shown along with examples of the repair of these defects, so you can see the extent of the restoration work that can be done.


Pricing is very competitive and the turnaround time is usually 5 to 6 weeks or less.


This picture shows a complete split which often occurs at the top, or 12:00 o'clock position, on the plastic steering wheel rims.

This picture shows the repaired steering wheel rim.  These repairs are made using a high strength epoxy filler followed by a color matched catalyzed filler.  The repair does not show

This picture shows one of the typical cracks that are in the finger grip side of these steering wheels.  These types of cracks are first repaired with a high strength epoxy, then filled with a catalyzed color matching filler, before the grain pattern is cut into the rim and stains and finishes are applied.

This picture shows the same steering wheel after the repair of the crack.  Notice how the repair does not show.

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